Jan. 20th, 2009

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so, i went to a website called LibraryThing

you are supposed to be able to catelog your books.

here's how you do it. you go to search. you input search paramater - ISBN, title, or author. you hit the search button. you page through 10 item long list until you find the book you want. you click THAT ONE SPECIFIC BOOK. then you start over.

you can HALF-WAY cheat by going to, say, a page that purportedly lists all the author's books. then you can click on a book, which brings up that book's page, click on "add book" - and it takes you to that search page, where you STILL HAVE TO DO ALL THE SAME FUCKING STEPS

it would be faster if i went downstairs, loaded excel, and MANUALLY TYPED IN EVERY BOOK I OWN.

anyone else use this website and know a way to add lots of books at a time? say, a series - the Last Herald Mage series. i mean, even THAT would be ineffecient but i would be less pissed.

they offer a scanner, sorta like one of the check-out scanner guns. its $15. but then i would have to manually take my books off the shelf, scan, and then return.

i want to be able to type in "David Weber", have all his books appear, go down the list and hit a checkmark on the books i own, and input them all at once. which i think would be a MUCH better way than this "one at a time and then repeat the search" bullshit. the WHOLE POINT is to do it quicker and more easily.

i swear, i was tearing my hair out trying to figure this website out. i think its ridiculous the hoops i am having to jump through just to make a fucking list!. i WOULD go down and pull up excel, except it hurts me to stand up for too long, and same with sitting. i mean, like ten minutes, and it hurts.

help? is there a better site, even?


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