On God

Jan. 21st, 2007 04:12 am
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Some time ago i posted about my thoughts on Satan/Lucifer/The Devil or whatever you want to call the polar opposite of Jehovah.
it seems that my thoughts on "Satan" are similar to stuff from "Memnoch the Devil" (is that the name? Joe?)

but my thoughts on God, i am fairly sure, are mine alone. no famous author who gets paid too much for TRIPE will be stealing my ideas before i have them now. (If it were an author i liked, i wouldnt mind. actually, it has happened before, i have a great idea and then find out that a writer has writen it already...)

where was i? oh, yeah, God.

SO! Let us first accept, for the sake of my ditribe, that God is omni-everything (-present, -scient, -potent). this means that, BY DEFINITION, God can be whatever God wants to be. 
Second. Again, for the sake of this monolouge, God is ALSO omni-loving.

put the two together. GOD IS WHATEVER EACH PERSON NEEDS GOD TO BE. you need a misogynistic bastard? there is a Flavor of God for you! a man-hating dyke? Try God Lime! (okay, i only say lime because the only person i know who like lime is my sister, who happens to be a lesbian).
So, i have this phrase: "God is everywhere and everything. Religion is a pair of glasses we put on to see God."
i like this phrase, and i am good with it until some fanatic of ANY religion starts running around trying to force a pair of sunglasses on my face because only HIS face of God is acceptable. which A) is against many of the things that Jesus taught (helLO - "Thou shall not Judge!"), Muhummad taught (There is a reason "people of the book" is such a powerful phrase in Arabic) and really against what Moses taught (they didn't want non-jews... and didn't care who non-jews worshiped)  and B)against the First Ammendment of this country.
but even more, from what i can tell, it isn;t what God wants either.

No, i have not recieved any calls from God lately (possibly because i have no way of recieving collect calls... and a nice big cookie to whomever gets that refference first!)

but look at the big fight that has happened, over and over again [in Christianity]

Predestination vs. Free Will

there are two ways to go with this. well, more, but let us start with the two easiest. If Predestination is the way things run, then, BY DEFINITION, God has chosen my life AND MY RELIGION for me and you should not interfere with God's plan. If Free Will, the God has given me the right to chose my own life AND RELIGION and should not interfere with God's will.
either way, leave me the fuck alone. leave everyone who doesn't worship the same bigotry you do alone. (sorry. /cynism)

even better, though, is the idea that BOTH OF THESE ARE RIGHT. they seem mutually exclusive.
But, again, God is omni-everything. God knows what each person will do with their life, so God makes sure each person does what s/he would do with their life...

(ha! take THAT, Solomon, Karissa was right and when we debate in a couple of Eons, prepare to counter that!)

so what if my best mental picture of God includes tits and a vagina? so what if the commandments i live by aren;t worded the same way as yours? look, everyone who is sitting there thinking "Liz is going to burn in HELL" - i might. i dont believe in Hell, but i guess anything is possible. then again, so might YOU, if you believe in Hell. but i don't believe that Hell is a place, or at least not a perment place. God is LOVE... and, if you are an omni-loving and omni-forgiving deity, Hell needn't be more than an idea, so that the silly children you are trying to raise have a reason to not play with the knife.

okay, more later...

you guys are gonna love my free will/predestination/APPLE monolouge....


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