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i have been thinking of starting a blog

i keep not doing it, because i can't even manage to post to this LJ in any sort of regular basis.

also, because "denelian" was taken in Blogspot. did you know that there is a bad in Seattle (i think it's Seattle) named denelian? it appears to have been formed in 2005. and i have been using this name since... 93? somewhere around there. i was tempted for about two seconds to sue. then i got over it, it seems very bitchy, no? and all because i don't want people to think i stole the name. sigh. so, just so you (all) know, Denelian Coronia was the first D&D character i got to 20th level, starting from 1st level. i was 16. she was a thief... i had this little series of short stories, how she was the Royal Smuggler for this smallish-country. because, you see, this smallish-country was a hub for trade, and didn't have ANYTHING that was against the law to sell. but all the other countries did. it was Denelian's job to keep track of what was illegal where, how well smuggling did in different circumstances, train traders in smuggling, etc. what can i say, i started writing it at 15 (when i STARTED the character i was 14. yes, it took me almost 2 years to get her to 20th level. we only played that specific game like once a month at most)

anyway... just babbling


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