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third times the charm?
it keeps messing up right before i am ready to post! grrrrr!!!


i will, from now, be posting mostly over here (so long as the weirdness stops)
i want to do REAL posting. not quizzes. so, look for those (like, about the girl suspended for two weeks for taking her birth control; or the woman who was arrested and charged and jailed for reporting that she had been raped, because the police DID NOT WANT TO BELIEVE HER, and LITERALLY REFUSED TO DO ANY WORK. so, months later, the guy who had raped her had raped many other women, which is ALL that saved the first woman from years in jail.) because we "live in a post-racial, post-sexist world".
if only.


Mar. 8th, 2009 04:50 am
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my dad dragged me to see Rent when it was in the theaters... it was right after Pete and i had broken up (which, obviously, we got over. right now - knock on wood - everything is wonderful)

so, my dad drags me, thinking "Musical. that'll cheer her up"

i started crying at the first note. really. i cried for the ENTIRE movie. strangely, it was THIS movie that convinced me to give Pete another chance. (my dad tried to get me to leave a couple of times. it was strange. but we both loved the movie)

so, anyway, two years later, Pete and i have been back together (we were only broken up for a short while. erm... and i have NO sense of time really, anymore). and i wanted him to watch it. we made this deal - if i watched 8 Mile, he would watch Rent.

i had the total satisfaction of seeing *HIM* cry. really... he doesn't like to show emotions, and it made me feel a LOT better to see him cry. plus, he GOT it.

he bought me both the movie and the soundtrack for my birthday. we watched it again (no, he didn't cry this time. although it was close for a couple of minutes at Angel's funueral). i canNOT stop listening. it makes me cry more. and i need to have something outside me make me cry, i'm too damned good at repressing. but...

i can't get how ANYone can watch this movie, and then vote for Prop8. i mean... Collins and Angel are so goddamned motherfucking cute, so sweet, so PERFECT.
Mimi and Roger are both straight, and they can't get their shit together until Mimi is DYING, where Angel and Collins pulled it together IMMEDIATELY, and they TOOK CARE OF EACH OTHER.

sorry, i'm going to go cry some more now.

there is this nationwide shortage of oxycodone (no i don't know why) my doctor was trying to switch me to Morphine, but i have FINALS - i canNOT take finals on a new and more fuck-with-me drug. so i am 40 pills short, so i am only taking 3 a day, instead of 4, and some of them are half doses... so if i am absent, thats why, i can barely move. so... crying.

"I'm not alone"
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so, haggard won't admit that he is gay. he insists, over and over, that he is heterosexual with, what, something like gay proclivities? something, anyway, that means he's not really gay, he just looks gay

and his wife is enabling this

and, you know, it IS hard when people insist on applying a label to you that isn't true. i have "come out" as STRAIGHT more time than i can count, because people always fucking assume that a confident woman who speaks up MUST be a lesbian. it pisses me off when this happens - not because i have a problem with lesbians, or lesbianism, but because it diminishes women in toto. it means that "real" women (read: hetero only) CANNOT be loud and outspoken and stand up for themselves; it stigmatizes both sides of the hetero/homo line, and it tells me "If you were a REAL woman, you wouldn't act this way" and goes on the assert that lesbians are NOT "real" women because they DO act the way that i do.

it's all fucked up.

and the Haggards of the world just continue the persecution and the hate the false divides and the ignorance. so, no, no pity for them.


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