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Birthdate:Feb 12
Location:Ohio, United States of America

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Addicted to reading, kareoke, gaming and pepsi. Has a Phoenix. Tends to spend free time studying for school and adding ever more classes.
Strengths: Speed reader. Patience. Intelligent.
Weaknesses: Poor sleeping habits. Incessent internal music.
Special Skills: Couseling. Kareoke. Finding weird things. Random useless knowledge.
Weapons: +5 Vorpal Rocket Breasts of Returning (with built in Personal Gravity Well.) 4 feet of hair.
Recommended Authors: Anthony. Asimov. Asprin. Heinlein. Lackey. McCaffry. Martin. Stirling. Turtledove. Weber. Ringo. Flint. Douglass. Card. Carey. Pratchett. Gaiman. Zelazny. Hamilton. and MORE...

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