Jan. 31st, 2009

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i swear to you, crack is CHEAPER.
but, i am addicted to BOOKS. and the chance to win an ARC of the next Ilonia Andrews book is MUCH to good to pass, especially when it is A) easy and B) does something also helpful; in the case it's reposting a thing about a convention that i WANT TO GO TO

To enter, post the following announcement on your blog or board your frequent:

OpusFest is back! March 13 - 15, 2009 at Red Lion Hotel (I-70 and Quebec) Denver, CO. Come meet Ilona and Gordon Andrews, Gil Bruvel, Stephen Segal, David Boop and many others. http://long-shot1986.livejournal.com/2709.html for more info!
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so, haggard won't admit that he is gay. he insists, over and over, that he is heterosexual with, what, something like gay proclivities? something, anyway, that means he's not really gay, he just looks gay

and his wife is enabling this http://pandagon.net/index.php/site/comments/gayle_haggard_knows_99_of_teds_sexual_experiences_were_with_her/

and, you know, it IS hard when people insist on applying a label to you that isn't true. i have "come out" as STRAIGHT more time than i can count, because people always fucking assume that a confident woman who speaks up MUST be a lesbian. it pisses me off when this happens - not because i have a problem with lesbians, or lesbianism, but because it diminishes women in toto. it means that "real" women (read: hetero only) CANNOT be loud and outspoken and stand up for themselves; it stigmatizes both sides of the hetero/homo line, and it tells me "If you were a REAL woman, you wouldn't act this way" and goes on the assert that lesbians are NOT "real" women because they DO act the way that i do.

it's all fucked up.

and the Haggards of the world just continue the persecution and the hate the false divides and the ignorance. so, no, no pity for them.


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