Jan. 19th, 2009

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to translate:

a woman went to a PA Gynocologist in New Mexico. she wanted the strings on her IUD shortened. the PA/nurse (really, i'm confused as to whether this woman was a Physicians Assistant or a Nurse) shortened the strings and then against the patients wishes PULLED OUT THE IUD. she THEN said something along the lines of "oops! but, really, this is better because IUDs are abortion" and the REFUSED TO PUT THE IUD BACK IN.

the woman, patient, poor victim, whatever you want to call her - she is suing both the clinic and the PA/Nurse for medical battery and a host of other issues.

but... you know what, FUCK THAT. fucking seriously. this nurse WENT AGAINST WHAT THE PATIENT WANTED, MADE A MORALISTIC CHOICE FOR HER. she took away her patients rights, her agency, her person-hood, and then had the terminity to LECTURE this patient? and THEN testified that the people that she works with often "joke" that this nurse DELIBERATELY and FORCEABLY removes the IUDs of many patients! what the fuck? she makes a habit of this, and still has her job?! she makes a habit of FORCEABLY MAKING BIRTH CONTROL CHOICES FOR PATIENTS, AGAINST THEIR STATED WISHES, and HAS NOT BEEN FIRED OR PUNISHED IN ANY FUCKING WAY!!!

when i bitch about the patriarchy, THIS is what i am bitching about. the idea, perfectly exemplified in this news story, that women DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS ABOUT THEIR OWN BODIES. this nurse, or PA or whateverthehell she is, has bought into the Patriarchy with everything she has.

i don't generally wish ill of anyone, but i WANT THIS WOMAN PUNSIHED.

and with the new fucking "morality clause" handed down by King George II and HHS, the next time this nurse abuses another patient, she will NOT LEGALLY BE PUNISHABLE.



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