Jan. 18th, 2009


Jan. 18th, 2009 03:22 am
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a few months ago i started watching an LJ group called lkh_lashouts. it was a place for people to get together and bitch about some aspect of Laurell K Hamilton's writing.

i watched, i commented to posts. i never saw anyone get swarmed for phrasing something badly, or any attacked for having a divergent opinion.

so, i had been thinking about BDSM (because i just turned in the last of some stuff, for a study i had helped that is supposed to be published soon) and i wanted to get out some of my thoughts on LKH and her sad mistreatment of BDSM. in the course of this, i pointed out that there are many people who only do BDSM SOMETIMES, as an activity or hobby, and likened it to Goths who are only Goth at the club, or church goers who are sunday christians.

i've been attacked, and attacked... people really seem to think that i am say ALL church goers do not have any faith except when they go to church. and they also think (despite my explain how i had fucking WORKED in the scene for 4 years) that i have no involvment, and no experience, and was just judging people.

what. the. fuck.

i have restated multiple times that i was only referencing a certain PORTION of the Christian population that does do EXACTLY WHAT I WAS REFERENCING. jesus fucking christ. i have seen people just scream over and over on this forum that LKH has sex issues and uses her books as therapy, and everyone agrees, but i actually dig a little into reality and i am crucified?

i give up. every time i try to actually participate in anything, i am attacked. i am too fucking depressed to do this anymore. i don't even know why other people can say grossly offensice exagerations (if not full out fucking lies) and everyone goes along with it, but state something from my own experience and am villified.

seriously. i cannot do this anymore. its not someone disagreeing, thats fine. your opinions are your own. its the ATTACKING *ME*, telling me that i am being offensive or twisting what i say to make it mean something else that i can't take.


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