Jan. 17th, 2009

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by which i mean CHILDREN. not TEENAGERS; the main girl followed is 8


all i can say right now is: THIS is the Patriarchy. THIS is unreasonable beauty standards for women, starting at earlier and earlier ages. this is high heels, this is Rush Limbaugh roasting Caroline Kennedy for having the audacity to EAT in PUBLIC (yep. women are now not allowed to EAT IN PUBLIC). this is lipstick and diet fads and girdles vs thongs. this is photoshopped models and pop singers shaving their heads.

in short, this is what women are TOLD, constantly, they MUST DO.

don't believe, or don't understand? go look at a Cosmo. pick up a national enquirer - note how current Oprah is being called a heifer and other horrible names... while male celebrities are ALLOWED to age AND to gain weight. watch a movie, and notice how most roles for women are either young women who are fuckable, or old women who are either mothers or evil, an sometimes both. the instances of older women being NOT a mother are so low that they are actually COUNTABLE. hell, turn on the TV and notice how ALL of those women are like size 1's. they have no curves, all of them are essentially anorexic, but it's not an issue with ADULT women because when it's an adult, it's obvious she is being anorexic to control her weight so she can get a man - and the patriarchy APPROVES of women getting men. it's only when it's a child being anorexic that it's an issue, because children are supposed to be sexless and therefor the anorexia is inexplicable; they obviously aren't trying to lose weight to get a man, because they are not old enought to get a man. so anorexia in a child is dangerous, but in an adult is expected.

this is why i sometimes come off as a rad-feminist. i am afraid that the ONLY way to change anything is through radical movement. i mean, most people refuse to even see that there IS a fucking problem, let alone attempt to define it or fix it. when i bitch about unreal and impossible beauty standards, the typical reply back is something along the lines of "You're just bitching because you are fat and unattractive". even though i am not "fat" - i am only maybe 25 pounds overweight, which makes me PLUMP - and i am obviously not unattractive, at least going by the number of guys who try to get me into bed. of course, most of them wouldn't have dated me, so there is still that element of maybe i am only good for fucking, that maybe i am too fat for a guy to want a relationship with me.

but then again, i have Pete, and not only does he want to have sex with me, but he wants the relationship. we are living together, and we are going on 5 years...

fuck it. it's the Patriarchy, and it's wrong. look around and see it before jumping on me for being mad at it.

girl crush

Jan. 17th, 2009 09:19 pm
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i totally have a girl-crush on the blogger "personal failure"
(her blog is at http://foreverinhell.blogspot.com/)

with one exception (her athiesm as opposed to my paganism) she could be me if i were hit with the Cool Stick(tm). she writes what i would write if i weren't lazy. she hates what i hate, she snarks as i would snark but better. she even has PORPHYRIA, like i do! albeit a different form (she has hepatic, i have acute intermitent). it's kinda eeiry. in a good way. but i feel as if i am cyber-stalking her, because i read her blog ALL THE TIME. of course, she responds to my responses, we have weird little conversations (like the possibility of her becoming my step-mom, which had me CHOKING i was laughing so hard), she seems to be amused by me and not at all offended or weirded out or anything.
she's right at my age, she is already 32 and i will be 32 in less than a month.
she changed her "biography" to reflect the fact that i constantly tease her about her being a cookie-tease.
i mean... is this weird? i mean, i get that it's WEIRD, but is it FREAKY liz-needs-extra-therapy weird? i think that we are amusing each other, it's not all one-sided. but you all know me - nice to the point of pathology, and always worried i will offend someone. although she really seems like the type of person to TELL me if i over-step.

really, i am just kinda filled with glee. i have lots of friends... with whom i do not communicate. with most of my friends (all of you, essentially) this LJ is the biggest point of contact, and i go WEEKS at a time without posting or commenting. so i feel like i have found a new friend with whom i communicate more often. yes, she is "only an internet friend" - i don't know about her, but i tend to not try and meet people whom i only know from the internet, so i am pretty sure we will never meet face-to-face. but is that actually an issue? i mean, i don't see most of YOU face-to-face. is having an internet friend who is only ever going to be an internet friend bad? and does anyone else get the irony of me asking that, on a blog, to a group of people who include people i have NOT met face-to-face (not many, though. i'm strangly reality-based, if that makes sense. i have only a few friends on LJ who i DON'T know in real life)

also, really, her blog is AWESOME. she tears apart fundy rhetoric and newsletters and blogs and comments and conversion efforts - she writes some of the funniest shit i have read EVER. i really wish she were one of the writers at Pandagon, she is that great of a writer. so, ALL OF YOU, go to her blog. enjoy it. eat a cookie; gods know she has enough of them offered :D


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