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the night before last, i recieved an anon. message here on my LJ (a comment, actually) about a post that it appeared i had made on Pandagon. the anon. commenter was asking if it was me, because it was an incredibly mean and hateful comment endorsing rape and slavery.
i went over to Pandagon and looked around.
you see, a week or two ago, this stupid troll calling himself DodgeRam showed up and kept being RUDE. beyond your basic trolling rude. so one of the moderators put in a script so that whenever he sent a post in, it said something like "killpost script", because he was very very very fucked.
and so he started posting using other peoples' screennames. and said the worst shit under my name. (at least, the worst that i have founc. there may have been others that were also deleted - they deleted everything he posted in *my* name because i was so very upset). it didn't start off very badly, but people were like "why the hell is Denelian being stupid" and it built and built over about 24 hours, culminating in the rape/slave/Michelle Obama, AND calling other posters fucked up names.

but it wasn't all evil. pandagon has shifted to registered-only (but it is literally the easiest site i have ever registered with. i have been registered for almost a year i think. it was just that it was literally just as easy to post without signing in), and there was a thread all about how it was now registered only. and this was on the thread:

and i am right now thinking that this was the BEST. COMMERCIAL. EVAR.

really. it made me happy. i now know how Zander felt, in the Buffy Musical, when he summoned the Dancing Demon guy cuz musicals sound happy. this was happy. and it appears that random people were spontaniously joining in, which makes it even better.
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